AHIMA Certification:
Eligibility: Both live and on-demand attendees are eligible to receive an AHIMA-accredited CEU for attending this round table.
Requirement: Attend for a minimum of 45 minutes to qualify, live or on-demand.

AAPC Certification:
Eligibility: Only live attendees are eligible to receive an AAPC-accredited CEU for this round table. AAPC-accredited CEUs are not available for on-demand attendees.
Requirement: Attend the live round table for a minimum of 45 minutes to qualify.

CEU Policy & Process Notes:
- No exceptions can be made.
- CEU-eligible participants will receive an email with a link to download their CEU within one (1) business day from webinars@datavant.com.
- The participant must ensure that their name and email address are entered correctly at the time of registration.
- The participant is responsible for ensuring that their organization’s email settings do not block emails from webinars@datavant.com.
Director of Internal Education and Auditing @ Datavant
Vice President of Coding Education and Auditing @ Datavant
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